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Plate welding fixed torsion bar
Material: QD345 rubber sleeve
Process: Sheet Welding (Robot Welding Technology) Plasma Cutting
  • Features
  • Parameters

1. The drawbar can produce a length of 350~550, and the actual length is produced according to the production order.
2, surface plating treatment
Regular size: 366mm 380mm 445mm 450mm
Plate welding type torsion bar features:
First, the high strength: plate welding type torsion bar is made of high quality alloy steel plate Q345, which is made by plasma cutting, bending, robot welding and surface painting. Compared with cast type torsion bar, it has higher tensile strength and longer. Fatigue life.
Second, the light weight: in the case of the center distance is 450.0mm, the plate welding type fixed rod weight 3.6KG, the plate welding type adjustable rod weight 5.7KG, the whole set weight 9.3KG; casting type (through the use of China) fixed rod weight 4.8KG, adjustable lever weight 6.7KG, the whole set weight 11.5KG. In comparison, the weight is reduced by about 20%.
Third, the performance is stable: Casting type is prone to shrinkage holes, pores, cracks and other defects, coupled with heat treatment defects, prone to quenching cracks, deformation, soft spots, temper brittleness, etc.; steel plate bending parts internal organization is more fine, The performance is more stable and it is not easy to break during use.



Address:No. 221 , Guangming South Road , Simen Town , Yuyao City , Zhejiang Province , China

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